About us

MS Health is a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company established to deliver vital reproductive health products and medicines.

MS Health

MS Health is a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company established to deliver vital reproductive health products and medicines. We are proud to be part of MSI Reproductive Choices, delivering a global mission of children by choice, not chance.

Delivering our global mission

We believe that all women have the right to determine if and when they have children and how many they have. We believe that women should have accessible and affordable sexual and reproductive health care no matter where they live in Australia or the world.

We put women’s needs and reproductive rights at the forefront of everything we do and will work to surmount all hurdles and challenges. We believe women are our shareholders and any surplus income from MS Health is re-invested into MSI Reproductive Choices’ programs in developing countries and our Australian operations.

Who is MSI Reproductive Choices?

MS Health is proud to be part of MSI Reproductive Choices.

Millions of the world’s women trust MSI Reproductive Choices to provide them with quality sexual and reproductive health care. We have been delivering contraception, safe abortion and mother and baby care for over thirty years and work in 37 countries around the world.

In Australia, MSI Australia is at the forefront of sexual and reproductive health in three sectors – international development, health care services and pharmaceutical products.

As well as delivering vital reproductive health products and medicines through MS Health, MSI Australia operates a network of healthcare clinics across Australia, providing the highest quality sexual and reproductive health services. We are also responsible for development programs in the Asia Pacific region, providing services where they are needed the most, preventing unnecessary deaths and making a sustainable impact on the lives of millions of people every year.

Surplus income from our clinical and pharmaceutical operations in Australia is re-invested in our international development programs and our Australian operations.

MS Health is a subsidiary of the non government agency MSI Reproductive Choices.


We are not-for-profit

“If you empower a woman or a girl, then you’ve empowered a home, you’ve empowered a country and you’ve empowered the world” — Damaless, a fearless nurse from MSI Reproductive Choices in Zambia.

We have a long road ahead of us, but reproductive choice is foundational in the drive for gender equality and to a future where women and girls take their rightful place in all aspects of society.

Every minute of every day, 67 women resort to an unsafe abortion. By the time we go to bed today 96,000 women will have risked their lives with an unsafe procedure and more than 44,000 will have such severe complications they will need to go to hospital.

It doesn’t have to be this way. To support our mission, please donate now.


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